Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1

The skyline is beautiful!

Day 2

This is the City of Knowledge. It used to be a military base and is now a kalaideskope of housing, offices and schools. It was amusing to find out that while the map we were given before arrival showed the main building marked on the campus, it neglected to point out that there is only one map on campus.

The third picture is yet to come of the wonderful Salamanca family that welcomed me into their house on my  first day here. It humbled me because I know that sometimes internationals in Tallahassee aren't welcomed into a family home for a long time. I really like this part of Panamanian culture and thank God for wonderful people like the Salamancas and Dalila, a woman from my plane that waited with me in the Tocumen airport to make sure I got picked up.

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