Saturday, October 9, 2010

What would have happened if El Salvador had won?

The Stadium was full of Panamanian pride. Futbol matches are taken very seriously. It's national pride at stake and fans can be outrageous.

I went to watch the game with some proud El Salvadorians. We were 20 in a very small section and the rest of the stadium was a sea of red. Best line of the night: DON'T loose the gringas wearing blue at this game.

The game itself was very exciting but what stuck out to me the most was the fierce  national rivalry.   Apparently, El Salvador knocked Panama out of the running for the World Cup qualifiers. 

The policemen that came in the last five minutes of the game to guard us put on his helmet in preparation for the end of the game chaos. It was peaceful though. I think everyone had run out of beer to throw. The police still had to escort us out of the stadium.

 My friend Gracie and her friend Peatrie (hiding in the purse) were nervous for the end of the game. We were pelted with cups of beer from the balcony at the beginning of the second half for wearing blue when PANAMA scored. We were also told by a few of the braver fans where to stick it in very colorful language  that currently is not in my vocabulary so the insults fell on deaf ears. I dunno what would have happened if El Salvador had scored.

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